Sergio Romaña - Preprints

  1. Geometric conditions to obtain Anosov geodesic flow in non-compact manifolds, (2023), [PDF]
    (with Alexander Cantoral), available at arXiv:2304.10606.
  2. Fractal dimensions of the Markov and Lagrange spectra near 3, (2022), [PDF]
    (with H. Erazo, C. Moreira, R. Gutiérrez), available at arXiv:2208.14830.
  3. Density of the level sets of the metric mean dimension for homeomorphisms, (2022), [PDF]
    (with J. Muentes and R. Arias), available at arXiv:2277.11873.
  4. Riemannian manifolds with Anosov geodesic flow do not have conjugate points, (2020), [PDF]
    (with Ì. Melo), available at arXiv: 2008.12898.
  5. A Rigidity Theorem for Anosov Geodesic Flows, (2019), [PDF]
    , (with Í. Melo), available at arXiv: 1709.09524.
  6. A generalization of Marstrand's theorem and a geometric application, (2021), [PDF]
    (with C. Moreira and W. Silva), avaliable at arXiv: 1611.09965.