Seminário: Análise/EDP

A próxima palestra do Seminário de Análise/EDP acontece na próxima quarta-feira, dia 13 de julho.

Os detalhes seguem abaixo.

Palestrante:  Udayan Darji

Data: 13/07/2016 (quarta feira)
Hora: 13:30 h
Local: C-119

Título: Some Examples of Universality in Dynamics

Resumo:  In this talk we discuss two types of dynamical systems. Once concerns the dynamics of linear maps on separable Banach spaces and the other concerns dynamical systems on the Cantor set. It is well-known that dynamics of compact metric spaces can be captured by the dynamics of the Cantor space. More precisely, if (X,f) is a dynamical system with X a compact metric space and f is continuous, then (X,f) is a factor of some (C,g) where C is the Cantor space and g is continuous self-map of C. Hence, in some sense Cantor set is universal for dynamics of compact metric spaces. The type of questions we discuss concerns given a large class of dynamical systems, can we find one “super” or “universal” dynamical system such that every system in the given class is a factor of this “universal” dynamical system?

* This is joint work with Etienne Matheron. The results of this talk will appear in Proceedings of the AMS.

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