Palestra com Prof. Miguel Abadi (USP)

A palestra do Prof Miguel Abadi (USP) será realizada nesta quarta-feira, dia 23 de outubro de 2013, às 15:30, na sala C116*. 

Título: Statistical properties for the occurrence times of rare events: an overview

Resumo: Since the famous Recurrence Theorem of Poincaré, the probabilistic analysis of occurrence times has been a subject of intense study, both in the area of stochastic process and dynamical systems. For instance, the non less famous Kac’s Lemma is the first quantitative result. In this talk we will review some recent results (the last decade) giving precise quantitative information on the statistical laws for the many different kinds of occurrence times. Motivation comes from physical phenomena, DNA analysis, information theory, compression algorithms, game theory, among others.

*atualizado em 24/10/2013 com a alteração da sala 
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